Study Resources & Misc. Items

  • Culver Palms Christmas Pageant 2020

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    The Greatest Story Ever Told

  • Mission Sunday 2020 Contribution Form

  • MISSIONS 2020-video slide presentation

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    This video presents a brief overview of the missions we will support for the next year. This video was presented on Missions Sunday, Nov. 8, 2020.

  • COVID-19 Waiver for Participation in Events


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    Cultivate a habit of listening to the Bible.

    A new audio Bible app that keeps Scripture in your ears and on your heart.

    This subscription app is free now to churches for at least 60 days.

    1. To create a Dwell account and join the group, go online and follow the group link:   -OR- click on link image

    2. Download the app: Are you downloading for iPhone or Android? Click on the blue associated with your smart phone type.

    3. Sign in with "I already have an account."

    FAQ while you learn to use the app:

    If you have any trouble at all please contact the helpdesk:

  • FULLER Formation

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    What is FULLER Formation?

    Many Christians want to dig deeper in their faith, but they don't know where to start, or how to fit it in their busy schedules. Whether you are seeking ways to grow deeper in your faith or looking to learn with your small group or congregation,FULLER Formation provides access to a variety of guided lessons from Fuller experts.

    With anytime-access to spiritual formation content, you can start engaging your faith on a deeper level today. The library of content created exclusively for FULLER Formation includes topics such as integrating your faith and work, and discerning your calling. Explore the growing library of modules to see where your faith could take you next.

    Some of the excellent modules are:

    Watching TV Religiously by Kutter Callaway, Assistant Professor of Theology and Culture.

    Praying the Psalms by David Taylor, Assistant Professor of Theology and Culture.

  • For the Life of the World Podcast

    by Miroslav Volf and the Yale Center for Faith & Culture

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    Episode I: Faith in a Time of Pandemic

  • Feeling Safe in an Unsafe World

    by Drs. Terry and Sharon Hargrave

    The Boone Center for the Family, Pepperdine University

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  • Communion Bread Recipes

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    If you would like to make your own communion bread to use while we are experiencing virtual worship services, here are a few recipes from which to choose.

  • Women & the Ministry of Preaching

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  • A Statement on Baptism

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  • Baptism FAQs

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    Here are some commonly asked questions regarding baptism and the answers we hold to be true here at Culver Palms.


    Culver Palms Church of Christ 2020 Goals

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  • Communal Reading of Scripture 1-Year Schedule

    In 2018, we as a church, participated in a 1-year communal study of the Bible.  Below is the schedule of the weekly verses.  One would need to adjust the dates, as the dates would be off for the current year. This is a useful tool for any reading of scripture done communally or individually at any time.